The Sunbed Association

All of our salons are proud members of The Sunbed Association (TSA).

Set up in 1995, the TSA is a not-for-profit organisation who are representative of manufacturers, distributors and operators of lamps and sunbeds.

The Sunbed Association is the leading edge for promotion of sensible and responsible tanning. As members, Tanz Tanning are devoted to delivering a well-informed, first-rate service to all customers.

Their work goes over and above the tanning salon environment. The TSA are in frequent contact for a varied area of issues with government departments, the media and regulatory bodies.

The TSA are devoted to making sure the sunbed industry has their own voice with those whose opinion may have an impact on the sunbed industry.

Within our salons, health and safety is paramount. Each of our staff members are fully trained tanning professionals, there to provide you with the best tanning advice and treatment possible. We ensure that each individual tanning salon in Scotland maintain the highest hygiene standards.

We ensure that the tanning techniques we use fully comply with the Health and Safety guidelines, put in place by The UK Health Executive.

Find out more information about The Sunbed Association here.

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