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Tanz was established in 1994 and we now have more than 20 salons across Central Scotland including Lanarkshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Ayr. All Tanz salons in Scotland offer a wide range of the best sunbed equipment including Premium Luxura sunbeds and cabins. As well as Sunbeds, we also have Spray Tanning and Self Tanning to offer a selection of tanning options for everyone. While you are in one of our salons you can also use the vibration plates for super intensive body toning and purchase 100% natural slimming tablets to help with weight loss. Another new addition you will find is teeth whitening! You can now purchase Ultra Smile Teeth Whitening in store and via our online shop. So whether you are looking for tanning, toning or teeth whitening, you can find it at Tanz.

At Tanz,  as well as offering you a variety of tanning, toning and teeth whitening, we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, the cleanliness of our salons and our fully trained, professional staff.

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Tanz Tanning are Scotland’s leading tanning salon chain with a wide range of sunbeds, spray tanning and self tanning options available from over 20 salons located across Edinburgh, Lanarkshire, Glasgow and Ayr.

Tanz are also stockists of leading weight loss and energy supplement Trim Active Plus. Combine these with sessions on our vibration plates such as Flabelos or the X.Fit and you could be slimming down in no time!

Plus available to buy in store and online – Ultra Smile Teeth Whitening! Available in selected salons, in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Lanarkshire, Tanz are now selling express teeth whitening that can whiten teeth by up to 7 shades!

Pick up your FREE copy of the Tanz Top Tips booklet, in store now, for the best advice on all things Tanning, Toning and Teeth Whitening, at Tanz!

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 The Complete Range of Tanning Options

We offer the complete range of tanning options; including state of the art UV tanning equipment such as the Luxura X10 – the pinnacle of tanning technology, and the High Pressure X6 stand – 10 times the tanning power of a conventional lie down, the very best in self tan products (including Fake Bake, Xen Tan, Kardashian Sun Kissed & MyTan) and, exclusive to selected Tanz salons, the World’s Number 1, revolutionary and fully automated spray tan booth – giving you a beautiful golden tan within the privacy of a booth in only 3 minutes!

Click here for more information on how to Fake it!

We also offer the latest in High Pressure Tanning from our tanning salons across Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Edinburgh and Ayr. The X6 is a high pressure vertical tan stand that gives you a faster, safer tan compared to standard sunbeds and tan stands – giving you a deep and natural tan within as little as three tanning sessions!

Just one or two high pressure tanning sessions on the X6 are equivalent to ten times the tanning power of a conventional low pressure tanning sunbed. And, once you have developed your tan, you only need to have one or two sessions a month on the X6 in order to maintain it…ideal for those just wanting to keep their holiday colour!

Look out for the X6 next time you visit Tanz Tanning salons and don’t forget to ask our friendly salon assistants for more information on the world’s best, most powerful tanning unit!

However if you cant stand the heat just yet then why not try one of our conventional lie down tanning beds. Tanz boasts the latest tanning technology including Luxura X10 beds which have many features that have been installed to enhance your tanning session including Vitamin D tubes.

Get Trim and Toned with Tanz!

Tanz can also help you to shape up! We make losing weight easy with our selection of Slimming Tablets and Vibration Plate Machines!

All Tanz salons across Scotland stock Trim Active Plus – the UK’s leading slimming tablets that will help you to lose weight and gain a noticeable energy boost – fast!

For maximum effect combine the slimming tablets with sessions on our vibration plates. Shake Yourself Slim on the X.Fit or Flabelos Vibrating Exercise Machines available at all Tanz salons now!

Drop a dress size in 3 weeks! Click Here for more information!


Teeth Whitening with Tanz!

With a tanned and slim look the final accessory to finish off your look has to be a sparkling smile.

At selected Tanz salons across Scotland you can now get whiter teeth in just 15 minutes with Ultra Smile Express Teeth Whitening.

Express teeth whitening is perfect for those special occassions or nights out as it takes only 15 minutes and is completely safe and pain free.

Click Here for more information on the Ultra Smile teeth whitening available at Tanz!


Health and Safety

The safety and well-being of our customers is the highest priority at Tanz. This is why we ensure that each of our tanning salons in Scotland adhere to the highest hygiene standards.

Each member of staff is a fully trained tanning professional who will strive to give you the best tanning advice and tanning treatment possible. The tanning techniques that we use at Tanz fully comply with the Health and Safety guidelines that were put in place by the UK Health Executive.

All of our salons are proud members are proud members of The Sunbed Association.

The Sunbed Association is at the forefront of promoting responsible tanning and as such we are committed to delivering an excellent, informed service to all customers.

Find out more information on the Sunbed Association here.

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