Tanz Tanning Sunbeds Glasgow, Edinburgh, Lanarkshire and Ayr , Plus Spray Tan, Self Tan and Slimming

Tanning into the future with the latest innovation in tanning technology including Premium Luxura Sunbeds and Coll-Tan Red Light Therapy Tanning and the Worlds Most Powerful High Pressure X6 stand.

Spray Tanning is available in most salons across Scotland allowing you to Fake it in the Worlds Number 1 Fully Automated Spray Tan Booth. Hand-held spray tanning also available in the Tanz Carluke salon. Book your spray tan session at Tanz now via the individual salon pages.

Self Tanning is available to purchase in store at Tanz salons or you can order online with FREE delivery. We stock a wide selection of fake tanning products including the popular Fake Bake range.

Slimming and Toning is also provided at Tanz for you to get even more out of your visits to our salons. So while you wait why not go for a 10 minute vibration plate session on the X.Fit! 10 Minutes is equivalent to 1 hour in the gym so if you dont have time to work out then you can achieve super intensive body toning and inch loss with just 10 minutes a day! To help suppress your appetite you can try our 100% natural slimming tablets to burn calories and take away those cravings! A range of slimming tablets are available to buy in store and online including Trim Active and Chocolate Banana.

Teeth Whitening is the newest addition to what Tanz has to offer. You can purchase Ultra Smile Teeth Whitening in selected salons across Glasgow, Edinburgh, Lanarkshire, West Lothian and Ayr. Or you can buy it here! We also stock an innovative sunbed teeth whitening kit so you can multitask by tanning at the same time

Find your nearest Tanz salon to book a spray tan or find out opening times, here.

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