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Feel the power...see the results!
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with the Next Generation vibration plate at all Tanz salons in Scotland!XFit

Feel the power…see the results!

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Drop a Dress Size

Drop a dress size in just 3 weeks…and without stepping foot in the gym!
Shake Yourself Thin with the X.Fit Whole Body Vibration machines at Tanz! – it’s fast, simple and deliver real results! Available now at all Tanz salons across Scotland including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bathgate, Livingston, Ayr and Lanarkshire.

10 minutes

10 minutes on the X.Fit vibration plates is equivalent to a 1 hour workout, so it’s ideal for those who don’t have the time to go to the gym or workout. Just 10 minutes a day on the X.Fit is all you need to lose weight and tone up! And, the X.Fit is suitable for people of all fitness levels.


X.Fit is a revolution in vibration plate training & has more power and more reliability than other plates. X.Fit provides Super Intensive Body Toning and Ultimate Weight Loss!

How Does Vibration Plate Training Work?

Our body reacts to the vibration with an involuntary muscle contraction. Depending on the speed, muscles contract up to 22 times per second.

The Benefits of Vibration Plate Training

  • Increase your Metabolism

    Vibration Plate Training can help you to build more lean muscle quicker than traditional resistance exercise. This increased lean muscle has the potential to boost your resting metabolic rate (RMR) so you burn more calories – even at rest!
  • Reduce Cellulite

    Research shows that just 3 sessions a week can help to reduce cellulite on your thighs and buttocks.
  • Better Posture and Reduced Back Pain

    With strong core muscles you develop better posture and have a greater chance to reduce back pain. Vibration Plate Training can activate those ‘key’ stabilising muscles at your body’s core.
  • Increased Flexibility

    One of the first things you may notice is that your body becomes more flexible. Doing various stretch positions on the plate will also lead to greater flexibility.
 Common Questions

Do I need to do Difficult Exercises to Gain any Benefit?

No, all of the exercises we recommend are functional positions to benefit your overall fitness and strength. Some people just like to stand on the plate while others perform squats, lunges and push ups. Your choice of exercise positions will depend on your needs.

To maximise your overall results however, it is recommended that you vary your positions from time to time.

Is it normal to experience itching during and after training?

Itching may occur while using the vibration plates. This is due to the large increase in circulation while training and is completely normal and should subside after coming off the plate.

Should I Remove My Shoes?

You should remove shoes before standing on the plate. To ensure correct transfer of vibrations to the body there should be as little friction as possible between your body and the vibration plate.

Drop a dress size in 3 weeks with the X.Fit, available now at all Tanz Salons!

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Slimming Success Stories
Karen Wilson from Bathgate is now a size 8 after dropping 4 dress sizes thanks to Trim Active Plus and the X.Fit Vibration Plates. Karen used the X.Fit vibration plates to shake off the pounds while using Trim Active Plus to enhance her weight loss thanks to the suppressed appetite and increased metabolism properties of the tablet.

In just 8 months Karen went from a size 16 to a size 8 and lost 3 and a half stone!

Karen says,

 “I took Trim Active Plus and used the X.Fit 5 times a week for 20 minutes each time, that’s all I’ve done, no other exercise.”  

May 2012

December 2012

Read on for more fantastic results from our X.Fit vibration plates and Trim Active Plus slimming aids!

Samantha Mcgilvary from Bathgate dropped an entire dress size in less than a month through using the X.Fit and taking Trim Active Plus

“I lost 11lbs in less than 3 weeks by using the X.Fit vibration plate for 70 minutes each week and taking one Trim Active Plus each day. I feel a lot more toned and confident in myself!”

Stacey Mcneice from Bathgate lost 19lbs in just 2 weeks!

“I lost nearly one and a half stone in just 2 weeks using the X.Fit vibration plate and taking Trim Active Plus. I used the X.Fit vibration plate 4 times a week for 20 minutes each time and took Trim Active Plus every day. I feel great and cannot wait to see the results in another few weeks!!!” 


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Top Tips for Maximum Weight Loss

For maximum and sustained weight loss, we recommend that you follow a healthy eating plan in conjunction with your Whole Body Vibration training program

  • Eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day
  • Eat less saturated fat, sugar and salt
  • Drink at least 2 litres of water a day (8 glasses). Water helps you lose weight, keeps your muscles hydrated and can help to suppress your appetite
Get fit - slim shaker

To get the best use out of the X.Fit vibration plates:


  • Take shoes off – shoes can create a barrier meaning they absorb some of the vibrations resulting in less vibrations getting to the muscles/user
  • Spread feet as wide apart as possible – place at the edge of the plates. The wider the stance the more intense the workout.
  • Go to the toilet beforehand – the vibrating motion can make you feel like you need the toilet
  • Keep knees relaxed when standing
  • Bend knees slightly more if wanting to work the lower body e.g. hips and thighs
  • Move slightly backwards and forwards in order to get a feel for the machine and where the moves are on your body
  • Vary your stance/position depending on what area you wish to work
  • Use the correct programme for your need
  • Try using our recommended range of slimming products in conjunction with the vibration plates for super fast and noticeable weight loss


  • Lock knees – must keep a slight bend otherwise the machine will be shaking bone rather than muscle
  • Expect to see results after just 1 week – you must commit to going approx 3-4 times per week to ensure seeing good results. You can also double up your sessions for faster, more noticeable results
  • Just go straight to the highest programme – shaking faster doesn’t mean its doing more. Follow the programmes correctly – they have been set up to provide the best possible variation in each programme
Course Information:
1 session = 10 minutes
7 day course = 7 x 10 minute sessions (must be used within 7 days of purchase)
30 day course = 30 x 10 minute sessions (must be used within 30 days of purchase)
You can also DOUBLE UP and double your workout by doing 2 sessions each day! 

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