UV Tanning Equipment

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At Tanz we have the very LATEST AND BEST in UV tanning equipment!

This includes the following AMAZING range of sunbeds AND tan stands:


Ultimate Luxury & Maximum Tanning

BRAND NEW to TANZ! The Luxura Vegaz sunbed has MAXIMUM UV Tanning Technology combined with Red LED Light therapy for a PREMIUM tan and smoother skin!

  • Combined UV-LED Tanning Booster, a UNIQUE FACIAL TANNER combining UV Light with Red Light LED Therapy for an enhanced tan an anti-ageing skin care
  • Optimised shoulder and neck tanning for an all-round perfect tan
  • Bluetooth wireless music connection
  • Smart cooling technology with climate control
  • Optional refreshing mist
  • A choice of 3 fragrant aromas
  • Spacious and comfortable design with cutting edge technology

Available in Ayr, Bathgate, Bellshill, Canonmills, Carluke, Castlemilk, Clarkston,  Corstorphine, East Kilbride, Gilmerton, Gracemount, Granton, Great Western Rd, Linlithgow, Livingston, Meadowbank, Motherwell, Musselburgh, Newington, Newmains, Niddrie, Penicuik Slateford, Uddingston, Wester Hailes, Wishaw and Lanark! AND COMING SOON TO MORE SALONS!


Luxura X10 

The latest in tanning technology and red light therapy combined!

  • Now with NEW MAXIMUM TANNING lamps
  • Even Faster, intensive tanning
  • Adjustable air conditioning system
  • Optional Xsens fragrant scent for your tanning session
  • Qsens water mist spray provides a refreshing cooling sensation
  • MP3 music player plug-in
  • Younger Looking Skin
  • Premium Tanning
  • Reduced wrinkles
  • Skin rejuvenation

Coll-Tan Tubes

  • Younger looking skin
  • Premium tanning results
  • Boosts collagen
  • Rejuvenated skin
  • Smoothing of wrinkles
  • Stimulated blood circulation
  • Vitamin D production
  • Blemish free skin

Available in: Ayr, Bathgate, Bellshill, Canonmills, Carluke, Castlemilk, Corstorphine, East Kilbride, Granton, Great Western, Livingston, Meadowbank, Motherwell, Musselburgh, Newington, Newmains, Slateford, Uddingston, Wester Hailes and Wishaw

Premium Luxura V8


A high powered tan stand that tans even faster than conventional stands thanks to the


UV tanning tubes

that ensure maximum results in less time.

The V8 gives an even, intense tan all over the body for a more natural colour.

  • More spacious and comfortable than traditional UV tanning stands
  • Powerful tanning technology
  • Optional Xsens aroma feature adds a pleasant scent to the air inside the stand
  • Qsens cooling feature can be used as an additional cooling feature by lightly spraying a mist of water
  • Body cooling and adjustable ventilation system
  • MP3 music player plug-in and surround sound with voice guide
  • Ambient flow light for a relaxing atmosphere
  • Easy to use touch-screen controls

Available in Ayr, Bathgate, Bellshill, Canonmills, Carluke, Clarkston, East Kilbride, Great Western Road, Livingston, Meadowbank, Motherwell, Musselburgh, Uddingston, Wester Hailes and Wishaw.

V7 version available in Ayr, Canonmills, Corstorphine, Livingston, Meadowbank, Newington, Slateford and Wester Hailes.


MegaSun 5600 Ultra Power


  • Fitted with the latest technology
  • High powered Megamax 200 tubes
  • The very latest high powered adjustable reflector facials, which can be turned off completely
  • Large, spacious bed for ultimate comfort
  • Excellent high powered fans
  • Shoulder tanner reflector
  • Aromatherapy feature for ultimate relaxation

Sportarredo High Pressure


  • High Pressure tanning for a safer, longer lasting deeper tan meaning less visits to maintain a great colour
  • Ultra strong adjustable facials that can turn off completely
  • The very latest high powered adjustable reflector facials, which can be turned off completely
  • UVA tanning with mega immediate results for those with a good base colour
  • Fantastic body cooling fans
  • Electric open and close canopy
  • Extra large bed, for ultimate tanning comfort

X6 High Pressure Stand

X6 High Pressure Tan

  • Ultimate in High Pressure tanning
  • Latest technology
  • State of the art tanning
  • Super high content of UVA for immediate results and a safer tan
  • High Pressure tanning for a longer lasting, deeper tan
  • Fantastic body cooling system
  • Good base tan an advantage for the ultimate results

Avantgarde 600



  • Fitted with the latest technology, high powered Megamax 200 tubes
  • Built-in Voice guide for instruction and choose from a selection of music while you tan
  • Separate top and bottom full length body fans
  • Separate shoulder tanners
  • Body moulded Perspex for extra comfort and even tanning
  • Super high powered adjustable facials with 5 settings and can also be turned off completely

UV Tanning – Top Tips!

Use a cream. Your skin naturally reflects around 60% of UV light. By using a cream you can break this barrier down so that skin absorbs almost 100% of UV light – allowing you to develop a tan faster! We have a large, varied selection of creams in each of our salons AND online! Shop our selection of tanning creams including Australian Gold and MyTan NOW!

Use a moisturiser every day. UV Tanning can dry skin out. We have the AMAZING Australian Gold Forever After moisturiser in store and ONLINE! Along with some more luxurious moisturisers which will help to LOCK moisture in, keep skin soft and supple and make your tan last longer.

Take a Tan Shot. We have Tan Shots available in store for as little as £2.49! This optimises the tanning process due to its high content of Aloe Vera and Beta Caroten to not only help you tan FASTER AND DARKER, but provide your body with essential skin softening ingredients to make you feel and look great on the inside AND the outside!

Use Carrot Sun. Carrot Sun is the new revolutionary tan accelerator containing pure, natural ingredients that help to tan the most difficult areas.

Mix it up by using the different levels of tanning equipment available for each stage of the tanning process. We have a varied range of sunbeds and stands in each of our salons! CLICK HERE to view your nearest salon.


The most natural source of Vitamin D, it has long been argued, is UV light. Therefore regular sessions on our sunbeds, can help your body to produce the exact amount of Vitamin D it requires for overall health & well-being.

Benefits of Vitamin D include:

  • Improved health and wellness
  • Increased flow of Calcium (without Vitamin D the body wont be able to absorb the calcium that it takes in)
  • Stronger immune system
  • Darker tan in a shorter time!

Living in the northern latitude decreases the levels of Vitamin D we have due to less strong sunlight hours, so using our sunbeds means you can increase your intake of Vitamin D even during winter months! So if you are looking for Sunbeds near Lanarkshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ayr and West Lothian then visit Tanz for a range of the best tanning beds!

Click here for tanning advice when using sunbeds

No person under 18 years old allowed on UV Tanning Equipment