Tanning Advice

Tanz Encourage Responsible Tanning

Tanning Advice for Sunbed Tanning

Your Safety is our Number One Priority

We want to make sure that our customers look good and feel great by tanning in a responsible manner. We want to help guide our customers to achieving a tan safely by providing some tanning advice that can be followed when tanning in moderation. So if you have a question about how long it will take you to achieve a tan or what sunbed to use then we are here to help.

All of our tanning assistants are fully trained to the highest standards.
This ensures that they provide our customers with the right tanning advice and promote safe and responsible tanning.

For further information and advice about tanning please use the following links:

If you have a specific question about our sunbeds that is not covered in our frequently asked questions then please contact us here or ask your salon assistant for advice.

Salon contact information and opening times can be found here

After you have all the information you need to achieve your desired tan, you should make sure you have a suitable indoor tanning accelerator lotion. At Tanz we have a wide selection of tanning creams to suit all levels of tanning from beginners to advanced.

We sell top branded creams including Australian Gold and MyTan in all of our tanning salons as well as online with FREE delivery. Click here to browse our range of tanning lotions.