FREE Tanning Cream

when you return your empty sachet

Return your empty sachet & SAVE!

HERE AT TANZ you are able to get your money back for your sachet and take this off of the total bottle price! 

A UV cream is essential for the safest, most effective tanning results. Not only does a cream help to boost your skins tanning ability, but it also protects skin from effects of ageing and keeps skin deeply nourished. Here at Tanz we have a LARGE selection of creams both in store and online! CLICK HERE to see our range of products that we offer in store and online now!

So if you want to
tan up to


then you must use a cream!

Skin naturally reflects UV rays so using a UV lotion helps skin to absorb the UV light and achieve a DARKER TAN while keeping your skin nourished!

You wouldn’t wash your hair without shampoo so why tan without a cream!? Dry skin will shed which will mean your tan will disappear! So use a tanning accelerator lotion designed to be used with Sunbeds to help keep skin hydrated while helping to achieve a deep dark tan.

With the wide selection of creams available at Tanz, you can try the sachet and you can return your empty sachet to get the value off the bottle!* So why not try one of our EXCLUSIVE MyTan sachets that have something to suit everyone including basic accelerators, bronzers and premium tanning accelerators. Or try the Australian Gold or Synergy products also available.

Tan Shots & Carrot Sun pots also available instore to give you that EXTRA TANNING BOOST! 

Tan Shots are completely natural, tropical flavoured tanning drinks that are designed to maximise your tanning ability from within by nourishing skin with aloe vera and beta-carotene. They can even be used when tanning outdoors! Tan shots help to nourish your skin from the inside and out! Why not try one today!

Carrot Sun is the new revolutionary tan accelerator. Pure, natural ingredients that help to tan the most difficult areas. Plus you can get at least 2 sessions use out of one 20ml tub!

So for best results why not use all 3 products with your favourite bed!

  • Tanning Cream
    for faster tanning

  • Carrot Sun
    on the harder to tan areas

  • Tan Shot drink
    to nourish from within

*Return sachet offer not valid in conjunction with any other offer. Offer can only be redeemed on like-for-like products i.e. you can only return an empty MyTan Addiction sachet to get the value off a MyTan Addiction bottle and so on.

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