Fully Automated Spray Tan Booth

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Fake It with our Fully Automated VersaSpa Booth!

Spray Tans

Spray Tanning Booth

Use the world number 1 spray tanning booths at Tanz for a quick and easy tan in a location near you!

You can Fake it in private with our fully automated spray tan booth available at selected salons across Scotland in Ayr, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Lanarkshire.

  • Fully Automatic Private Booth – Machine Applied Tan
  • A Luxurious Golden Tan Every Time
  • Natural looking colour & flawless application
  • Super Fast – Takes Only 3 Minutes!
  • Optional Instant Bronzer Available

The VersaSpa booth is enclosed on 3 sides – all 3 airbrush nozzles have heaters above them to allow the solution to be distributed evenly and comfortably. To ensure the tan dries as quick as possible, warm dry air will be passed through the booth after each application of solution to aid a faster drying process. With an easy to understand voice guide, foot directions and position posters for every position you are SURE to have a flawless, stress free experience every time! Plus there are three shades of tan to choose from – meaning that you have a variety of choices depending on your natural skin tone. We also offer 2 different solutions that are both available in any of the 3 shades. Choose between a bronzer solution which gives an additional instant colour so that as soon as you leave the booth you can see a difference (the solution will still develop into a flawless bronzed glow after approx 8 hours). Or you can try the clear solution (which means you won’t see the tan until it has developed) And, as it takes only 3 minutes, its quick and hassle free too!

Our fully trained staff will demonstrate the positions you need to follow and will only leave you to start the sunless spray tanning session once you are completely happy and understand everything. They will also talk you through the stages before and after the spray booth session and will ensure that you are entirely comfortable with it all.

Single sessions from just £13.99

Off-peak special Sat – Wed: £13.99 – £16.99 (depending on shade purchased)
Thur & Fri: £18.99 – £21.99 (depending on shade purchased)

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Fully Automated Private Spray Tan Booth Available in the following salons:

Ayr – 59 Alloway Street, KA7 1SP, 01292 270271

Bathgate – 53 Hopetoun St, EH48 4PB, 01506 633520                    

Bellshill – 176 Main Street, ML4 1AE, 01698 849490

Carluke – 3 Stewart Street, ML8 5DZ, 01555 759978

Castlemilk – 367 Carmunnock Road, G44 5HH, 0141 634 5252  

Clarkston – 7 The Toll, Busby Road, G76 7BG, 0141 387 0600 

Corstorphine – 295 St John’s Road, EH12 7XF, 0131 334 6566    

East Kilbride – 1 Glebe Street, The Village, G74 4LY, 01355 265012   

Gilmerton – 51 Drum Street, EH17 8RQ, 0131 629 2110

Glasgow – 229-231 Great Western Road, G4 9EG, 0141 332 9994 

Gracemount – 17 Gracemount Drive, EH16 6RR, 0131 664 8558  

Granton – 122 Granton Road, EH5 3RF, 0131 551 6539    

Lanark – 16 St. Leonard Street, ML11 7AB, 01555 660600  

Linlithgow – 187 High Street, EH49 7EN, 01506 238210     

Livingston – 7 Kingsport Avenue, Howden, EH54 6BA, 01506 440045

Meadowbank – 48 Portobello Road, EH8 7EL, 0131 661 1114        

Motherwell210 Merry Street, ML1 1JJ, 01698 266677

Musselburgh – 134a North High Street, EH21 6AS, 0131 653 0444

Newington – 43-45 South Clerk Street, EH8 9NZ, 0131 667 9966 

Newmains – 20-22 Manse Road, ML2 9AX, 01698 385500

Niddrie – 2 Niddrie Mains Road, EH16 4BG, 0131 629 1070

Penicuik – 18 High Street, EH26 8HW, 01968 768035          

Stepps – 160 Cumbernauld Road, G33 6HA, 0141 779 9777

Slateford4 Hutchison Terrace, EH14 1QB, 0131 443 0330          

Uddingston – 85 Main Street, G71 7EP, 01698 760680  

Wester Hailes – 96 Wester Hailes Road, EH14 3HR, 0131 442 3930                       

Wishaw – 6 Glasgow Road, ML2 7PG, 01698 374040

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Fake it in private more frequently with the Tanz Spray Tan Booth packages.

After research showed that most customers on the Unlimited package only use 4 or less sessions, the decision was made to introduce 2 new packages that make using the booth as affordable as possible.

To benefit most customers the packages are as follows

2 Spray Tans



Must be used within 14 days from date of purchase

Save £15.99*

*based on 2 x £21.99

4 Spray Tans



Must be used within 30 days from date of purchase

Save £52.97*

*based on 4 x £21.99
6 Spray Tans



Must be used within 30 days from date of purchase

Save £81.95*

*based on 6 x £21.99

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So you get all of this with the fully automated spray tan booth available in selected Tanz salons in Scotland.



If you prefer a


spray tan

where you can rely on someone else applying it then look no further than

Tanz in Carluke.


Get an airbrushed spray tan applied by one of our professional spray tanning technicians who all have years of experience.
The girls in Carluke will be able to advise on the right tan for your skin and can guarantee a comfortable application process.

As it is applied by a hand-held spray gun it should mean flawless results and the technician will guide you through the whole process so that you dont get the positions wrong and avoid ending up patchy!

The colour applied will last 5-7 days or even longer with the best aftercare.
The professionally qualified spray tanning technicians will advise you on how to be sure to get the best out of your tan with professional aftercare tips.
There are 3 different tans to choose from; Australian Gold, MyTan and Fake Bake.

Prices start from £14.99

And we also offer discounts for group bookings (more than 5) and under 16s.
So contact the Carluke salon for more information on our professional airbrush, flawless, golden spray tans.

Carluke – 3 Stewart  Street, ML8 5DZ, 01555 759978



£4.00 OFF

Cannot be redeemed in conjunction with any other offer. Valid in salons across Scotland including West Lothian, Ayr, Edinburgh, Lanarkshire and Ayr

 Spray Tan Glasgow Edinburgh Ayr Lanarkshire West Lothian Scotland

Spray Tanning – Top Tips! 

Before your Spray Tan Session

  • Exfoliate the night before your spray tan and in between spray tans.
  • Wax or shave at least 24 hours before your session.
  • Don’t moisturise too close to your session as this will act as a barrier to the spray tan.
  • Wear loose, dark clothing that will not rub on your skin.
  • Have a practice session a few weeks before if your spray tan is for a big event. Have your actual session 24-48 hours prior to your event to allow for development.
  • Mix up your tan for optimum results – use a sunbed before your spray tan session, to trigger the melanin production and open up your pores for the spray tan solution to absorb better into skin.
  • Apply the barrier cream provided to hands, palms, nails and wrists as well as feet, soles, nails and heels. This will prevent the tanning formula sticking excessively to these areas.
  • Remove all jewellery and glasses. Also remove make-up and any other personal sprays to ensure the tanning formula is being applied to completely fresh skin.
  • Be comfortable with your knowledge of the four positions you will need to do when in the booth. If you have any concerns, please ask a member of staff!
  • Use Sticky Feet. These are available from reception & will keep the soles of your feet tan-free.

After your Spray Tan Session

  • Thoroughly clean your hands and feet with the wipes provided – paying close attention to wrists, palms, fingers and finger nails as well as heels, soles, toes and toe nails. (DO NOT WIPE BACK OF HANDS OR FRONT OF FEET)
  • Avoid water and exercise for eight hours to allow the tanning formula to deepen into skin and develop.
  • Do wait for the appropriate length of time before showering. When rinsing off the spray tan, use as little shower gel as possible as this may remove the colour.
  • For a long lasting tan you need to moisturise. Use a good quality moisturiser such as Australian Gold with Hemp or MyTan Tan Extend with Moisture Lock to extend the life of your spray tan by up to 50%
  • Avoid moisturisers that contain alcohol-based ingredients as these can strip your tan and leave you with patches!