Collagen Anti-Wrinkle+ Blend combined with the unique MyTan formula to give you a deeper, darker tan while providing you with younger, firmer looking skin.

  • Collagen Anti-Wrinkle+ Blend: Stimulating peptides to provide younger, firmer looking skin
  • Silicone Formula: Leaves skin soft, smooth & never greasy
  • Perfect for achieving a deep, dark colour
  • Triple Action: combats dry skin, ageing & tanning resistant areas of the body

Deeper, darker colour can be achieved with this triple action accelerator. Along with combating dry skin and tanning resistant areas of the body, this accelerator will help you reach a deeper tan fast! The collagen anti-wrinkle+ blend stimulates peptides helping to provide firmer, younger looking skin!

Caution: This product contains peanut oil and is therefore not suitable for use for those with a peanut allergy.