MyTan Tan Extend Moisturiser

MyTan Tan Extend Moisturiser


MyTan Tan Extend Moisturiser will prolong the life of your tan by up to 50%

Whether you have had a spray tan or have used self tan or are just looking for a really nice moisturiser, Tan Extend is the one for you.

The unique 5 vitamin blend helps to lock in colour and provide intense moisturisation. The formulation contains no alcohol meaning your tan will not be stripped off.

For use with sunless tanning, natural sunlight and UV tanning to extend the life of your tan!

  • Intense moisturisation
  • Extends the life of your tan
  • Does not contain alcohol (alcohol can remove your tan)

Avoid alcohol-based moisturisers. Moisturisers that contain alcohol will strip the tan from the skin – destroying the life and appearance of your spray tan, fake tan or natural tan. Alcohol based moisturiser products should not be used to moisturise the skin as alcohol strips the tan from the skin – meaning that the tan will break down and become scaly looking.

Did you know that most moisturisers available on the high street do contain alcohol? So in order to keep skin from drying out and to not only protect, but enhance the life of your tan, try MyTan Tan Extend!