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 MyTan Obsession!


Obsession UV Tanning Accelerator Lotion ONLY £14.99 FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!

MyTan Obsession UV Tanning Accelerator Lotion is specially formulated to accelerate the tanning process during your sunbed session and the Hemp Seed Extract dramatically rehydrates the skin, leaving it feeling healthy and rejuvenated for a deep, dark tan.

  • Suitable for all tanning levels
  • Added Hemp Seed extract dramatically re-hydrates skin
  • Deepest Darkest Tanning
  • Unique Moisture Complex
  • Paraben Free
  • No added bronzers, just pure accelerator!


Tan up to 60% faster by using a cream!

You wouldn’t wash your hair without shampoo so why tan without a cream?

Without one, you could be wasting as much as 60% of your tanning session!

Skin naturally reflects UV rays – stopping you from reaching your tanning potential!

Creams break this barrier down so you absorb almost 100% of the rays…resulting in a deep, dark tan in half the time!

At Tanz we have a wide selection of tanning creams to suit all levels of tanning from beginners to advanced.

We sell top branded creams including Australian Gold and MyTan in all of our tanning salons as well as online with FREE delivery. Click here to browse our range of tanning lotions.